casting-call2Casting Call: New Web Series ‘SAVAGE’

By Appointment Only: April 19th

 ACTOR CALL: Seeking boy 8-11 years old, old man, and female 18-25. Must be available to film on May 10-11 and again in future episodes beginning in September.

Character BIOS

[TYLER] [GENDER: Male] [AGE: 8-11] [RACE: Caucasian] TYLER is an innocent, fresh faced 9-year-old boy covered in worn leather clothes with lots of trinkets hanging from him. His face is somewhat dirty and his hair is long and doesn’t look like it has ever seen a comb.

[GREGORY] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 50-60] [RACE: Any] GREGORY is a man in his mid to late fifties. His clothes are very worn and ragged. His hair is long, dirty and unkempt. His face is covered in dirt and he has a few scars. His teeth are clearly rotting away. This man has seen a lot.

[TIRZAH (stand in)] [GENDER: Female] [AGE: 18-25] [RACE: Caucasian (but may consider other race)] TIRZAH is TYLER’s older sister and will only be seen in this first production as an outline. Her face will not be seen. This character needs to be in decent shape and have medium to long hair. Race may not be an issue for this stand in character. Greater considerations will be made for this actor when it comes to the second full audition. The full auditions for Tirzah will take place in June with the larger casting call.


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