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    Kate Earl
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    Laura taught me how to behave like a lady and a star. Before I met her I was a nervous, awkward, tom boy teenager. I learned how to wear make up, fix my hair, care for my skin, dress my figure, how to be natural in front of a camera, how to sit, stand, walk, enter and address a room and present myself to the world in a confident way that leaves an impression. My life changed after I received that guidance. I could express myself as a person because I understood so much more about how we are perceived and how important it is to take care and believe in our selves and what that means and the benefits of all of these elements coming together beyond modeling but in life and now my music. Laura has always been a positive and supportive role model that has stayed with me throughout my career. She is one of those people who helps us invest in ourselves which is a special kind of gift that continues to give. I began to get an understanding of what it means to be in the industry, to network and develop myself as a business when I was 14 years old. I had callbacks from Next, Ford and others to come try NY. I didn’t get to pursue those opportunities because of family illness but I never gave up. After I left home I used the skills I learned with Laura and I was offered my first record deal when I was 19. I signed with Warner Brothers after that and have been a professional artist for 10 years. I did get to model along side my singing. An agent remembered me from the conventions and signed me in California. One of my favorite moments modeling was a shoot with Bruce Webber for Abercrombie, he is an icon often compared to Herb Ritz. I know for a fact that Laura played a key role in my dreams unfolding. I’m so grateful that I found her. – I love you Laura!